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Countless Sydneysiders have discovered the many benefits of choosing our Frameless Glass Pool Fencing. With over 15 years of industry experience, our team knows how to give you the perfect Pool Fencing that suits your tastes, home and vision.

Get a Clear, Unobstructed View of Your Pool Area

Every house’s pull should have a fence for safety, but oftentimes this means that your home’s pride and joy can be covered from view. With Designer Glass Sydney’s Glass Pool Fences, you not only get to keep enjoying the view of your pool but also enjoy the sleek and classy look of your...

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With the warmer weather coming in for Summer and the Christmas Season in Australia, there’s nothing quite like jumping in your swimming pool with our classy Glass Pool Fencing & DIY Pool Fencing Kits. Countless Sydney-siders will tell you how our customized Glass Pool Fencing is pleasing to the eye, safe, functional and a staple for Sydney Swimming Pools in summer.

The following is why our unrivalled Glass Pool Fences will take your Summer Swimming Pool to the next level:

1) Have the Peace of Mind of Keeping Your Kids, Adults and Pets Safe This Summer

Despite their clear and unobtrusive design,...

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Designer Glass Pool Sydney is Mosman’s leading provider of Glass Pool Fences. Besides being competitively priced, we offer service excellence that few can match. When it comes to Glass Pool Fencing Mosman, Designer Glass has what it takes to make your pool look like a million bucks. We get small things, like detail, right For us, building Glass Pool Fences is not just a job - it’s a passion. We get genuine satisfaction from our work - as our clients also do. At Designer Glass Sydney, we leave no stone untouched when it comes to meeting the exacting...

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A balustrade is a sheet of glass, metal or wire that is used for protective or decorative purposes on balconies, porches, terraces or swimming pools. With Sydney Property Prices rising 109% since 2009, a home is no more home, it’s an investment. You want to take care of your investment in property in Sydney. But you also want to enhance it along the way. Installing a Glass Balustrade is a good way to do it.

Glass Balustrades make your home look stylish

You can have Glass Balustrades installed on your balcony to give it a welcoming new look...

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Glass pool fencing is safe because it is made from specially toughened glass that won’t shatter on impact. If you have children or teenagers in the house, glass pool fencing is your perfect choice because of what it offers you - style, safety and durability you won’t find in any other pool fencing material.

Does Glass Pool Fencing suit your style?

When it comes to pool fencing material, durability is a given. All Pool Fencing Materials, even metal bars, will last you for years. But if style, rather than durability, is what you seek, then glass...

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There are 5 key types of materials you can use to fence your pool with. Which material you use, depends on how comfortable you feel about it. Materials you can use include:

  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Brick
  • PVC
  • Glass

Metal Fences

Metal Fences are popular and cheap. Their problem is they have no noise reduction qualities and are also easily susceptible to dents and rust. This is particularly true in beachside areas.

Timber Fences

Timber fences can be installed quickly. But their problem - they rot prematurely. Plus, termites may nest in them. What is in question? Their durability.


You can brick your swimming pool...

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Glass Pool Fencing and Pool Balustrades are used widely in Sydney’s premier suburbs. Besides making your Pool area safer to be around, they also add a touch of ‘glass’ to it. If you entertain regularly, Glass Pool Fencing Sydney and Pool Balustrades offer you a solution you can’t go past. To learn more about these solutions and how we effectively package them for our clients, please call us at Designer Glass Sydney.

Number one for Glass Pool Fencing and Pool Balustrades in Sydney

Designer Glass Sydney is widely regarded as the number one supplier of Glass Pool...

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Having been in the Pool Fencing business in Sydney for more than 15 years, here’s what we believe:

  • The quality of materials used to fence the pool
  • The quality of workmanship and design of the pool fence
  • The commitment to swimming pool safety and adherence to regulations established by Government authorities
  • The variety of pool fencing solutions offered to the customer
Designer Glass Sydney is Sydney’s Number One Designer Pool Fencing and Pool Balustrade company. We cater to you no matter which suburb you live in – whether it happens to be Sydney’s North, South, East or West. High quality...

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Experiencing difficulty to find professionals in quality Pool Fencing or balustrading? Then Designer glass Sydney is your best solution for this problem. And we are not just saying it for fun but because we have earned the experience to say so. Designer Glass Sydney has been in existence for more than 15 years now and we only use the highest grade materials and use only licensed installers. One of the best advantages you will find choosing our products will be that it not only beautifies your home but also upgrades the impression to high standards. We guarantee it because...

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  • Lower Prices For fencing
  • Top Quality Service
  • All Sydney Areas
  • 10 Year Warranty
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