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Posted on 14th, Feb 20

With the warmer weather coming in for Summer and the Christmas Season in Australia, there’s nothing quite like jumping in your swimming pool with our classy Glass Pool Fencing & DIY Pool Fencing Kits. Countless Sydney-siders will tell you how our customized Glass Pool Fencing is pleasing to the eye, safe, functional and a staple for Sydney Swimming Pools in summer.

The following is why our unrivalled Glass Pool Fences will take your Summer Swimming Pool to the next level:

1) Have the Peace of Mind of Keeping Your Kids, Adults and Pets Safe This Summer

Despite their clear and unobtrusive design, our Glass Fencing for Pools is sturdy, durable against heavy impacts and weather and design to keep your family, friends and pets safe at all times. Have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a strong boundary for your pool that isn’t too low to be climbed over and complies with the Australian Standard for swimming pool fencing.

2) Our Glass Pool Fences are Customisable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Don’t just accept a run-of-the-mill pool fencing service, but receive an uncompromising Glass Pool Fencing Installation in Sydney with an endless range of styles and designs to choose from. Our pools take into consideration your vision, the size and space of your pool as well as its function in your home.

3) Prevent Accidents and Keep Your Pool Secure With Glass Pool Fencing

Our fences are designed to be as safe as possible, including automatic shutting and locking, so that that it’s no easy for children or animals to enter, climb over or under the fencing itself. With Glass Pool Fences designed for your safety and benefit, this is just another reason why you should give Designer Glass Sydney a call today!

4) Give Your Swimming Pool A Makeover This Summer With Designer Glass Sydney!

Impress your guests with our exceptional glass pool fences, crafted with beautiful designs and high-grade materials. You’ll feel proud of that extra touch that makes your pool space more beautiful, as well as raise the value of your home.

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