Glass Pool Fencing Guide: All Your Questions Answered

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Posted on 17th, Sep 20

Indoor pools are great additions to any home. They allow you to enjoy and have fun swimming any time of the year at the privacy of your home. Due to the increasing popularity of pools, fencing options, such as Glass Pool Fencing, have likewise become sought after by pool owners. While these were ultimately made to act as a safety barrier to prevent accidents and injuries, they have since become a must-have for pool owners due to their appearance.

Glass Pool Fencing takes the lead among all the fencing options as they are beautiful and elegant. However, before choosing to install them in your home, you likely want to familiarize yourself more with Glass Balustrades Sydney, seeing as they are significant investments. To help you out, here are answers to the most common questions that people have about glass pool fencing!

How safe is the fence?

Glass pool fences are excellent pool barriers since the smoothness of the glass, and the lack of footholds or handholds makes it difficult to climb. Aside from this, the fencing will have locking systems, such as auto-latching gates or self-closing hinges, to promote security. With this, the gates cannot be left open, and children will find it hard to access the latch to open them.

How durable is the glass?

Glass pool fencing is typically made with toughened safety glass with a thickness of 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm. This type of glass is designed to be highly resistant against temperature changes and weather conditions, making it extremely durable and unlikely to break. That said, if the glass does break, it will break into multiple pebble-like pieces rather than large shards to prevent injuries.

What types of fencing can I get?

Glass Pool Fencing can be semi-frameless or frameless. Semi-frameless fences have a more minimal design since they are attached to posts on the ground. Frameless fences, on the other hand, are usually considered to be the most elegant type available. They are held in place by spigots since they come with no frame and can thus show off your landscapes.

How is maintenance?

Glass Balustrades Sydney require little to no maintenance to preserve their integrity. Other than the occasional cleaning to maintain the transparency of the glass, you do not need to do too much to keep your fences in good condition.

Can I choose the colour of my fencing?

The fences themselves are clear due to the nature of glass, but you can select a colour for your posts and fixings. Stainless steel and black are the popular options since they complement the glass well, but you are not limited to these two.

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