Top 10 Things You Should Know When Installing Glass Pool Fencing

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Posted on 11th, Aug 20

If you are about to install a new Glass Pool Fence, here we have the top 10 things that you should know.

In Australia, it is required by law that any residential swimming pools are fenced, that is why it is so important from the beginning to choose smart. Every state and territory has its own laws for pool fencing, so you better follow the compliance regulations established for your safety and to avoid any financial penalties.

1- What sort of maintenance does Glass Pool Fencing need?

Even though you might not use the pool during colder seasons, you need to take the necessary pool fence safety measures all year long. Maintenance of pool fences and safety is essential to prevent accidents, most likely with kids and pets.

2- Why choose Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is the latest trend in architectural design and offers safety without obstructing the appearance of the landscape. Is the best option if you don’t want to obstruct the beauty of your yard / swimming pool.

3- How can I keep the glass clean longer?

Due to the daily weather, any product exposed to the external environments requires some sort of cleaning and maintenance. We recommend you clean the glass with a bucket of hot soapy water (you can add some car detergent with a wax additive), wash it with water, and let it dry.

4- What is the standard height of a balustrade?

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) states that the minimum height is 1000mm (1.0 metres) from the finished floor level on the balcony, terrace or landing and 865mm (0.865 metres) from any stair nose.

5- What is the standard height of Pool Fencing?

All Glass Pool Fences must have a minimum height of 1200mm from any ground surface. Increasing the height of the pool fence supports safety aspects of your pool fencing, however, the standard height was designed with a 5-year-old child in mind and It is better to give pool safety education for older children.

6- Which is better; stainless steel or powder-coated?

Even though stainless steel is very luxurious and attractive, it is more convenient to use it in outdoor spaces. We confirm that the stainless steel products installed in an external place will rust, and they need some sort of cleaning and maintenance. Powder Coating, on the other hand, can be cleaned very easily with a mild detergent. We highly recommend using Powder Coating.

7- Do our products meet Australian Safety Standards?

We only use the highest grade materials and use only licensed installers. Designer Glass Sydney is 100% committed to Safety and Quality Standards; we strictly follow the NSW Pool Fencing Regulations.

8- Can you use 6mm Glass in semi-frameless pool fencing?

The commonly available glass panel thicknesses range from 6mm-12mm. But if you want thicker glass, you can order customized panels that are up to 18mm width. With those facts, we don’t recommend you to use a 6mm glass because they aren’t able to withstand impact and cannot take high wind loads. The thicker the glass, the fewer chances of them shattering during harsh weather, and when the wind gets strong.

9 – Are you dealing with a Registered Building Practitioner?

Following the building act 1993, it is a legal requirement that any balustrade or pool fencing construction is carried out by a registered building practitioner. A registered building practitioner has all the needed qualifications and experience, as well as the required rigorous quality standards.

10 – Is it better to use laminated glass or toughened glass and why?

Both laminated glass and toughened glass are used to protect the glass and avoid breakage. However, they do have their differences. Whilst laminated glass stays in one piece when broken, toughened glass shatters into small pieces. Toughened glass is more commonly used in balustrading and Glass Pool Fencing applications due to its strength. It is harder to break toughened glass than the laminated one.

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