What is a Balustrade?

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Posted on 17th, Jun 19

A balustrade is a sheet of glass, metal or wire that is used for protective or decorative purposes on balconies, porches, terraces or swimming pools.

With Sydney Property Prices rising 109% since 2009, a home is no more home, it’s an investment. You want to take care of your investment in property in Sydney.

But you also want to enhance it along the way. Installing a Glass Balustrade is a good way to do it.

Glass Balustrades make your home look stylish

You can have Glass Balustrades installed on your balcony to give it a welcoming new look or you can have them installed around the Porch in your backyard or Swimming Pool.

Glass Balustrades will give your home style it’s never seen before. It may also take its value up a bit.
Handy given how depressed house prices are in Sydney right now.

Wooden staircases look great when you wrap a Glass Balustrade around them

A wooden staircase is a home renovation that adds a lovely modern feature to a home. Glass balustrades give your kids the protection they need. They also do more, however.

They give your home a stylish barricade that will be a joy to gaze at, every day.

What is Balustrades

Splash out on your pool – with a balustrade that’s custom-made for it

It is mandatory by law to have a protective fence around your swimming pool if you live in Sydney.

Swimming pool fences made using metal rods are ugly. The spikes may also make them unsafe to use while children are around.

Fences made of wire and mat are also available. However, these are not durable – they won’t last.

Swimming pool fences made of glass are the way to go because they are durable. Plus, what they also add to your home is a touch of class to it.

Designer Glass Sydney is a well regarded Glass Pool Fencing Company located in Sydney

We design and install Glass Pool Fencing and Glass Balustrades for families who wish to upgrade the style and value of their homes. While most of our projects have been carried out in Sydney’s Northern suburbs, we service all areas in Sydney. This includes the city’s South, West and Eastern suburb areas.

We’d be happy to give you a FREE Quote for a Glass Balustrade you may be thinking of installing

Glass Balustrades offer value for years to come. An investment rather than an expense, they give your home a new sense of value. The value you will enjoy for years to come.

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