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Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

Designer Glass Pool fencing Is Sydney’s No. 1 preferred pool fencing Supplier and Installer. We Specialise In Frameless and Semi Frameless Pool Fencing. We have serviced more than 10000 customers NSW and ACT wide and have a proven track record for low price, high workman ship and Quality.

Design & Installation Of Glass Pool Fencing

We design and install Glass Pool Fencing & Glass Balustrades to our taste and needs. If you have a Pool Fencing Design in mind or you wanted one of our staff to suggest a design then ‘Call our Friendly Staff and Request for A Free Consultation’.

A pool fence is a type of fencing provided to swimming pools to ensure safety of small children or pets. Pool fencing is not only equipped for safety but also to give an alluring charm to the residential or commercial property, which adds them, more value and a lasting impression. It is always essential to choose a proper styling of fencing that is more spectacular and do not obstruct the view of your beautiful yard. And yes, with cent percent ensured safety.

Glass Pool Fencing

Designer Glass Sydney provides a DIY pre assembled kit for pool fencing with a guide for instructions on how to install our product stepwise. Designer Glass Sydney ensures safety by providing self-closing and self-latching gates, which locks itself, as recommended by NSW and ACT regulations. So there is truly no question of risk. These pool kits come with different varieties of style, locking systems, colours and designs.

Contact Designer Glass Sydney to acquire your set of ‘DO it yourself’ kit, at 0425 295 384.

Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is the most common form of glass fencing around and very popular with people wanting the DIY option, saving you time and money. It is more cost effective when compared to other types of pool fencing. Designer Glass Sydney is a well reputed firm for its quality of service. We provide glass of highest quality for pool fencing purpose. We offer you customised semi frameless glass pool fencing of wide range of varieties. The manufacturing of semi frameless tempered glass panels assures its durability, toughness, strength and confirmed endurance to any heavy impact. We take safety seriously and have the required certificates to back these claims. We provide fencing for any measurement and dimensions according to your needs. We also provide semi frameless tempered glass with coated aluminium posts in silver and black.

To know more about semi frameless glass pool fencing or if you have any queries please do not hesitate to call Designer Glass Sydney at 0425 295 384.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Designer Glass Sydney offers you quality frameless glass pool fencing service. Installing frameless glass pool fencing is a best option for those who do not wish to obstruct or spoil the beauty of their yard and swimming pool. Like semi frameless glass pool fencing, frameless pool fencing also ensures tough, durability and heavy impact resistance. The glass panels come in different heights and widths. Mostly, the demanded and recommended thickness of the glass is around half an inch. Unlike semi frameless glass fencing, there are no vertical posts or frames to obstruct views, which add an appealing beauty and more spaciousness.

Feel free to contact us at 0425 295 384 for more information and queries.

We Provide Stylish and ‘THE SAFEST POOL FENCING’ in Sydney NSW and Canberra (ACT). We follow the current Pool Fencing Regulations, so, as a Customer you are sure that the Pool Fencing is Safe and Installed to The Current Standards. With many designs and styles to choose from Designer Glass Pool Fencing Sydney will add Beauty, Value, Style, Luxury and Security to your Home.

Designer Glass is committed to Quality Standards; we strictly follow the NSW and ACT Pool Fencing Regulations. Please Visit – NSW Fair Trading.

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  • 10 Year Warranty
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