What does it take to be the best pool fencing company in Sydney?

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Posted on 18th, Feb 19

Having been in the Pool Fencing business in Sydney for more than 15 years, here’s what we believe:

  • The quality of materials used to fence the pool
  • The quality of workmanship and design of the pool fence
  • The commitment to swimming pool safety and adherence to regulations established by Government authorities
  • The variety of pool fencing solutions offered to the customer

Designer Glass Sydney is Sydney’s Number One Designer Pool Fencing and Pool Balustrade company. We cater to you no matter which suburb you live in – whether it happens to be Sydney’s North, South, East or West.

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Why take chances with your safety or your children’s?

What a swimming pool poses to a toddler is a risk.

Toddlers are curious by nature. Water holds a natural attraction to them given they’ve spent 9 months swimming in it.

Pool fencing and pool balustrades ensure your pool areas are safe – giving you ‘peace-of-mind’ – key when you’re raising a child. No matter what their age.

Emergencies in and around pools tend to go up in Summer

Emergency Services report ‘a higher number of phone calls for assistance due to toddlers or young children accidentally falling into household swimming pools and being unable to get out of them.

According to The Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2018, 249 children drowned in Australia in 2018. This is a tragedy given the ease with which it could have been averted with a solution as simple as a swimming pool fence.

pool fencing

In New South Wales, it is mandatory for swimming pools to be fenced

Emergency Services further recommends that “an adult be present while a child is swimming or learning how to swim in a pool – whether it is public or household.”

Improve safety plus the value of your home with designer pool fencing solutions

No-one wants a barricade in their homes. It spoils the beauty of their backyard plus drops the value of their property.

But a Designer Pool Fencing Solution – made from Glass – now that’s what’s going to give you Safety plus increase your Home’s Value. By ever so little.

We do all types of pool fencing

Frameless Fencing

For property owners that don’t want to obstruct the beauty of their yard/swimming pool, Designer Glass Sydney offers frameless glass pool fencing. Frameless glass pool fencing is the latest trend in architectural design and offers safety without obstructing the appearance of the landscape.

Semi-Frameless Fencing

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is attractive, safe and appealing to many property owners. The architectural design is among the latest trends in pool fencing. Designer Glass Sydney offers tailored semi frameless glass pool fencing specific.

DIY Kits

Safety is the first issue for pool owners. With DIY kit pool fencing from Designer Glass Sydney, property owners don’t have to give up style and appeal for safety. Our DIY kit pool fencing are stylish and offer optimal protection and do not hinder the beauty of the yard. Our kits can be tailored to ensure that your exact specifications are met.

Interested in knowing more about a pool fencing solution that could work for you? Please call us on 0425 295 384

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