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Designer Glass Pool Fencing St. Clair For Workmanship You Can Trust

Glass Pool Fencing is very popular among homeowners these days. There are many reasons why. They take your home and give it a look that has everyone – including your neighbours – wanting to swing by.

Is there a Glass Pool Fencing Company in St. Clair you can trust?

Yes. It is a Designer Glass Sydney. Designer Glass Sydney is a Glass Pool Fencing St. Clair Company that has been fencing swimming pools across Sydney for more than a decade.

At one time, people fenced swimming pools because of New South Wales legislation that required them to do so.

This has all changed. Today, people fence their swimming pools with Glass Panels because of the value they add to their homes.

Glass Pool Fencing St Clair

There are many types of Glass Pool Fences

The two main types are Frameless and Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fences.

Frameless Glass Fences, as their name suggests, have no vertical posts. This means – the view of your swimming is never obstructed. Whether you are in your kitchen or your upstairs bedroom or balcony, you can enjoy your swimming pool – even while you’re not in it.

Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fences are built in a slightly different way. They also give your swimming pool a luxurious designer look. The only difference is – they have aluminum posts which slightly obstruct a clear view of your swimming pool.

Part of Sydney’s western suburbs, St Clair has quietly gentrified itself over the last 20 years. Today, a suburb with an average house value of $ 700,000, St Clair residents are using some of their Home Equity to upgrade their lifestyle.

Installing a Glass Pool Fence is an expense you won’t even notice given your home’s value combined with the look it will give your home’s swimming pool.

When Installing a Glass Pool Fence, it always pays to go with an expert

Designer Glass Sydney is an expert in Glass Pool Fencing Installation & Supplier. We are experts simply because we have been Installing Glass Pool Fences for people in St Clair and other suburbs of Sydney for so long.

What we bring to the table – should you hire us to install your Glass Pool Fence in St Clair for you?

1. Knowledge and Expertise that goes back a decade
2. Thorough planning, designing and installation skills
3. Polite, courteous, friendly service
4. Ability to work independently or with home renovators and architects
5. Reasonably priced service

Designer Glass Sydney will come to see you at your home

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