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Posted on 16th, Jul 19

Designer Glass Pool Sydney is Mosman’s leading provider of Glass Pool Fences. Besides being competitively priced, we offer service excellence that few can match. When it comes to Glass Pool Fencing Mosman, Designer Glass has what it takes to make your pool look like a million bucks.

We get small things, like detail, right

For us, building Glass Pool Fences is not just a job – it’s a passion. We get genuine satisfaction from our work – as our clients also do.

At Designer Glass Sydney, we leave no stone untouched when it comes to meeting the exacting standards our client’s place on us.

We do more than just design and install Glass Pool Fences

We spend time with our clients – or their Home Renovators – making sure we understand their broader vision before we go about executing it.

Satisfied clients are what our goal is at Designer Glass Sydney

To achieve this goal, there are a few things we won’t do:

  • Take shortcuts
  • Rip clients off
  • Do shoddy work

Our work is a testimony to our lives

We don’t take it lightly – which is why we invest time listening to our clients – patiently allowing them to paint the vision we’ll soon build with experience, skill and glass that will put new value into their home plus protect their children from the dangers an Unfenced Swimming Pool can pose to their lives.

The glass is always cleaner on the other side

Glass Pool Fencing is easy to maintain once built. A simple soap wash solution is enough to get dirt and grime out of it.

Glass Pool Fencing Mosman

Glass Pool Fences retain their sparkle for years after you’ve installed them

They can weather the elements as they’re made from heavy duty glass that is designed to withstand high impacts.

Including those of kids you may have in your house.

Designer Glass Sydney has been designing Glass Pool Fences for years

We’ve been working with homes in Mosman for over 6 years now.

Our workmanship, attention to detail and high standards of excellence are what have awarded us one job after the other.

Besides Glass Pool Fences, we also build Balustrades

A Balustrade is an ornamental railing that adds a lovely touch to an old home – giving it a modern new look.

Balustrades can be designed and built around swimming pools – creating a Hacienda type of effect for those who’d like to take a trip to Sunny Spain!

They can also be designed to mimic Mexican Jacals (a Jacal is a house, in Mexico) – we can create all these effects and more working with your architect, designer, home renovator or even directly with you as our client.

Have you got a home that needs a Swimming Pool Fence in Mosman?

Consider Glass – it’s safe, it won’t shatter even when its faced by turbulent winds and best of all – it’s TRANSPARENT – just the way our products, service and pricing is! To discuss your Swimming Pool Fencing Needs, please call us now on 0425 295 384

  • Lower Prices For fencing
  • Top Quality Service
  • All Sydney Areas
  • 10 Year Warranty
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